Rhyno's Coaches & Staff: 


Mo Amin :Owner / Certified Personal Trainer @ Rhyno's Gym

              : Assistant Coach to Leandro Vieira's Womens & Kids Jiu-                     Jitsu @ AKA (2012 , 2014)

              : Personal Trainer & Combat Circuit Coach @ AKA                                 (2012-2013)   

                                                      (2003)  : Grapplers Quest (3), Las Vegas Nationals No-Gi Medalist

                                                      (2013)  : San Jose CheckMat/BJJ open Medalist

                                                      (2010)  : Blue Belt-"Guerrilla" Jiu-Jitsu, Dave Camarillio (GJJ/BJJ) 

                                                      (2012)  : Purple Belt-Checkmat, Leandro Vieira (BJJ) and                                                                                      "JON FITCH GJJ"

                                                      (2016)  :Brown Belt- CheckMat, Leandro Vieira (BJJ)

                                                                    Jon Fitch,"Fitch Smash" System

                                                      (2014)  : Black Belt-Chris Schiuszi (Aikido) Lafayette Aikido                                                                                   Academy                                                Coach  : (USA Boxing Certified)/ Boxing (101) & (102)                        cell : 765-742-7966                                      (Gi & No-GI) Grappling / Wrestling / MMA / Aikido



Jeremiah "WOOD" Adriano : MMA/ Grappling /Youth Wrestling Coach @ Rhynos Gym.

BJJ BLUE BELT under Guerrilla Jiu-Jit-Su Black Belt "JON FITCH" and Rhynos

Naga Gi and No-Gi Medalist      

PRO MMA Fighter

Certified Personal Trainer and Assistant Coach  to Kids program




Darnel Wilson: : Chicago & National Golden Gloves  Champion.

  USA Boxing Certified Coach

 (1996) : Olympic Alternate

 Coach  : Advanced Boxing & Sparring / Golden Gloves 

  Phone#:  765-418-3488



We welcome Boxing Coaches Travis Lucies and Ray Lucies to Our Coaching Staff at Rhynos Gym Lafayette.


We welcome Josh Daily and Jordan Crider to Rhyno's gym Coaching Staff..

Coach Daily is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Amercan KickBoxing and a Black Belt in Aikido from Tom Burdine. With many Kickboxing & Standup Wins in MMA under his belt..

Jordan Crider is a MMA and Muay Thai fighter curently active in Kickboxing and MMA Circuits. With many wins under his belt. He is also a Purple Belt BJJ under Rhynos/CheckMat Family.