Rhynos Gym

 At Rhynos, our certified trainers are focused to give our members the necessary tools they need to get to the next level of Fitness & Combat. We have Classes geared towards different Styles and Technique levels of Combat. Such as Grappling (Wrestling for Jiujitsu and MMA), Jiu-Jitsu, Aikijutsu, Boxing and (Mauy Thai) Kick Boxing. Also Our pro level Coaches in Boxing,  (Mauy Thai ) Kick Boxing, Karate, Jiujitsu and MMA will help you to reach your Personal Fitness and Combat goals. We will also be starting our 2018 Fitness  infused combat classes and kids classes this Spring (2018).  Please contact us and set time to come try a class for FREE! Click on Classes on top of page for more information on class times.

Weight Room & Fitness Area


We also have Open Gym (OG) and Open Mat (OM) times. Where our clients get together to exchange technuiqes or fine tune the tools they already have.