Gym Prices : All classes include Open Gym (OG)

(OG) Day Pass (No Class)                                                   $10/day  

(OG) Day Pass with Class__________________________$15/day_

Open Gym/Open Mat/weights/Cardio (OG/OM) No Class! $45/mnth + Any Class $5

Women's Fitness & Self Defense class                              N/A (coming soon!)

Boxing (101)&(102)

2 Days (Any 2 Classes)..................  $80/month (2 Classes/week)

**No Late Class **  $60/month (1 Class/week)                                                                                                               

Kids Class 10$/Class, or 35$ for 4 sessions

(Fridays, Saturdays & Sunday Private Personal Training Only... )

MMA/ Fitness training and circuit  (MFC)                          $--/mnth     

* not available at this time.*

Drop in fee for any Class without open gym: Members 5$ / None Members $10 each session                

*Advanced Boxing (Monday Sparring) (OG) Open Gym Only.* $45/mnth

*Advanced Boxing Ask about working on sparring with Coach Darnel Wilson and Coach Ray Lucies.

*NEW!* Boxing and Kick-Boxing private PT training also avaiable. Prices Below*

*All Classes open Gym Included!*

*Boxing (101) & (102) includes Circuit geared towards Boxing/Fitness.*


*Grappling Gi (BJJ) & No-GI                                                                 $45/mnth + 5$/class

*Ask about grappling seminars dates and prices.*

Personal Training (50min session+ 10min stretch) (PT)

(PT) Boxing/Kickboxing Mit Work, JiuJitSu, AikiJutSu, Fitness   $55/hr

10 (PT) sessions or more (50min session + 10 min Stretch)        $50/hr

2 Person (PT) sessions                                                                     $75/hr

(PT) 30 min sessions                                                                         $35/session

Unlimited Classes (New Year Special! Expires 4/1/2019)             $100/month

NOTES for (PT):

*Dates & times must be set before 1st (PT) session.*

*All payments must be PAiD before the start of 1st (PT) session.*

*You can miss, only 1 (PT) session & make it up! Please Don't MISS!*